Lifetime Warranty

MissJ Lifetime Repairs Warranty
MissJ offers a FREE lifetime repair warranty on all of our products.
How does it work:
If your piece breaks for any reason we might well be able to repair it for you, and we will do it for free, yes FREE.
 Contact us first and we can discuss whether it is possible to fix it, if it is then we will ask you to send it to our workshop for repair.
We will then undertake the repair work and when fixed ship it back out to you, no matter where you are in the world.
Please note that the customer is responsible for all return shipping fees.
Our free lifetime repairs warranty applies to repairs only and does not include shipping. This is the customers responsibility.
What if it arrives broken? 
Email us immediately with some pictures of the packaging and damaged items, we will make the right determination and offer you a replacement or refund without hesitation. (Often, we throw in a little something for the trouble experienced).
If purchased through one of our stockists, contact them first.
MissJ Team