#WEARINGMISSJ Competition Results 3rd QR 2019

Hi all!
It's #WEARINGMISSJ results time again!
I would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition so far.
If you are unsure what it is all about - let me quickly explain.
Share the love for MissJ!
Help us to spread the word and share the MissJ experience!
#wearingmissj is an Instagram quarterly competition. We ask you to post pictures of our pieces. Person who is most active ie gathers most likes, unique comments and shares- wins!
We select the winner every 3 months and announce it on a Sunday commencing that quarter. 
The winner wins £20 store credit.
This quarter's winner wont be a surprise. We couldn't think of anyone more deserving.
And the winner is:
Sommer Lyons
Sommer's instagram profile is simply stunning.
She has very unique style that we simply adore.
Check it out:
'Thank you so so much!
I’ve only been buying brooches for a just over a year but I’m amazed by the kindness and generosity in the community!
I may be the only “broochie” in Papua New Guinea but so many people find joy when I wear them, especially your orchids as they grow wild over here! Everyone is blown away by the intricate details in your pieces and I am very honoured to own and wear them!' ~ Sommer Lyons


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