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Welcome back to the blog.
It’s been a wee while and we owe you an update.
Make yourself a cuppa or a stiff one and let’s get started!
Let’s start a little bit of background to our new collection.
Olga is originally from beautiful Poland, the northern part to be exact.
The Northern region is more generally called Pomerania and the exact part of the north where she is from is called Kaszuby, and this is where our journey begins.
Kashubia or Cassubia is a language area amongst other cultural features in the historic Eastern Pomerania however the part we shall focus on is the arts & crafts if the area which forms the basis of the inspiration of this collection.
The Kaszubian art was always on our pin board of ideas to one day develop into a jewellery collection. At first we were looking at releasing only the autumnal colour collection but we had so many requests for the blue and yellow colour wave, we could not say no to you!
We gave in. 😉
The colours had a significant meaning to the regions within the Kaszuby region. When posting the designs on social media, a couple of my friends and family members discussed in detail what region these are from. It is sweet and heartwarming to know this folk artwork still means so much to people of this region.
The autumnal range – with lovely shades of browns, yellows, oranges and reds were originally created by ladies who lived in forested areas who would create the most incredible sewing of fabrics using the sights and sounds they had around them as inspiration. The pieces show flowers, seeds and insects that were abundant in the forests.
Pomerania is a huge, forested area and has one of the largest pine tree forests in Europe!
The Summer collection pieces are what we would typically see in the Summer featuring colours of blue and yellow and green, red and orange as well as golden hues that represent the yellow fields of wheat, summer skies, clear lakes and the cold but beautiful Baltic Sea.
Olga always says that Pomerania reminds her of Norfolk. That’s probably why she feels very much at home in East Anglia.
This collection brings back memories of her sewing with her Grandmother as a child, spending endless summers playing in the fields and the forests, picking mushrooms and making embroidery in the evenings sitting beside an open fire where meat and vegetables were grilled from the gardens of plenty which was commonplace in the rural areas of Pomerania.
The collection consists of necklaces, earrings and brooches and we hope that the collection gives you the valued customer an opportunity to find something that suits you and also that you love.
This one is close to our hearts, and we hope it stirs emotions in you too, after all life is about feeling in all its forms, otherwise why do we exist.
A huge thank you if you made it this far, if you want more rambling about the business and its ongoings tell us on social media and we will deliver.
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