My meeting with the fabulous Ms. Ruby!

My meeting with the fabulous Ms. Ruby!


A couple of weeks ago I met with the fabulous Ruby (insta @rubys_rags_n_riches )
We met IRL for the very first time but we followed each other's insta profiles for a while. We both share similar passions- Ruby is a Dr. Martens shoes aficionado! I too am a big fan of doc martins, currently the proud owner of a modest collection (white model of Siano- and I quote 'Inspired by an antique 1950s photograph of Dr. Klaus Martens fitting a women’s shoe, the one eyelet Siano shoe is a feminine style lace up with polished smooth off-white leather, minimal lace detailing and the Dr. Marten's air-cushioned sole for comfort and durability.' and the classic 1461 black 3 eyelets.
It blows my mind to think how large Ruby's collection must be. To see the Doc martin shoe heaven check out her profile on insta!
Her unique style is instantly recognisable.
We met at the lovely and quaint Stranger Cafe in Norwich. She was rocking her Docs sandals, pink-purple hair and fan Tatty Devine jewellery.
At that point, we both confessed to a mutual love to a recently discovered brand (sadly no longer in existence) The White Pepper Clothing Company. I picked up a couple of dresses and jumpers from an ebay outlet.
We spoke about the Norwich creative scene, the design community and life in general. I told Ruby about MissJ's humble beginnings and how it all started in our spare bedroom in an East London flat. We also spoke about where MissJ is headed into the future.
Our mutual love for acrylic jewellery and the Norfolk community lead to an excessive brainstorming session. Over a cup of hot coffee we discussed the idea of running jewellery workshops in the Fine City of Norwich.
I still need to finalise the workshops but if you are interested in such an event in Norwich, please drop me a line. *
Ruby has recently been posting our jewellery on social media and will be holding a competition give away very soon so follow her for a chance to win a gorgeous mini mime brooch.
Also, we have also created a 20% discount to her followers on social media so do check her profile for more information on how to take advantage of the discounts..
We’ll of course be posting away on our social media about the Giveaway, hopefully to bring our followers closer together.

I hope you enjoyed this very first (here anyway) blog entry.

My aim is to bring MissJ closer to your hearts and homes. To become more real, to build a connection with our followers and customers but also to become a part of our immediate community.

I will do my best to post on a regular basis. I will also work with other brands and Instagram & facebook friends.

If you fancy meeting up with me, talk about jewellery, collaborations, new ideas, bespoke projects, becoming an influencer or just .... for a random chat about ginger cats- I am your GAL!
I will keep you updated on the workshops and open studios ideas. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter!

Ruby- thank you for a fantastic afternoon and for allowing me to blog about our meeting and for lots more. Hope to see you soon! x

Lots of Love





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